40 Days of study

A human being lives, but he is given life.

Something Missing

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is an experience necessary for Christians if they are to become truly like Jesus in life and ministry. As a result of this intimate connection with Jesus, we will begin to
experience our greatest victories over sin and will develop the most meaningful  relationship possible with our savior.

One fact has often troubled me is the general weakness of Seventh-day Adventist church and that is in the area of Christian fellowship. We are a rather independent group of believers. One has to have
somewhat of an independent spirit to be a Seventh-day Adventist in the first place, for choosing to keep the seventh-day Sabbath sets us apart from the majority of other Christians.

When it comes to fellowship we do not always fare so well. Most church services are somewhat formal, with little or no interaction with other believers, we come to church on Sabbath just before services start and we leave just after services. All Christians’ not just Seventh-day Adventist need to focus on building our relationships with other Spirit-filled Christians, in my last sermon I made a statement: “As God’s children we must keep our hearts on Christ and stay untainted by the world we live in.” how do we do this? By fellowshipping with other Christians with in our community.

Supporting Scripture; (Acts 2:42), (1 John 1:7), (Isa: 2:5)


Personal Reflection and Discussion

  1. What are some of the characteristics of the early Christian church, found in Acts 2:42?
  2. How much genuine Christian fellowship are you having in your life?
  3. Why is Christian fellowship so important?

Prayer Activities

  1. Call your Partner and discuss this devotional.
  2. Contact the people on your prayer list and let them know you are still praying for them.
  3. Pray with then and ask for the following;
    • For God to fill your heart with His nature.
    • For God to strengthen your relationship with other Christians.
    • For the individuals on your pray list.
    • That we continue to seek the Holy Spirit
  4. For today use the following Bible verse in your prayer (Isa. 54:10)

About bobh6

I am Seventh-day Adventist pastor in the Texas Panhandle

6 comments on “Something Missing

  1. Amalia
    August 2, 2011

    Fellowship strenghtens and encourages my christian walk. I grow from seeing things a different way; it always brings me back to a deeper study of the World of truth. In fellowship you feel the love. It’s easier to understand the relationship of the Father and us as sisters and brothers. This world is not our home and our beliefs and values often clash with those around us. It could be a very loney experience, just longing to be in the presence of the One who understands and accepts us. That’s where fellowship is so important; and I’m not limiting it to SDA fellowhip only but other christians in general. The other may be more challenging at times, but that’s when we encourage and urge them to stretch their perpective of the Bible, at the same time encouraging them to study for themselves… gaining a deeper love for truth.

    Even through this blog we feel the connection/fellowship and see the benfits.. Thanks. : )

    • bobh6
      August 3, 2011

      I think that is why we need each other, Satan is very powerful and we cannot fight Him alone only through Christian fellowship can we stand strong in our fight.

  2. Amalia
    August 2, 2011

    I said we encourage them…but I should of included ourselves. In fellowshiping with others of different beliefs, they encourage me to re-look at the topic to make sure I’m not going off pre-concieved ideas not Biblically grounded. It always makes for a good study for myself why I believe or don’t believe and for others in better defending/witnessing the truths I then hold. We need to challenge our beliefs and really be grounded…we don’t want to just follow our church teachings with blind faith and be followers of men.

    • bobh6
      August 3, 2011

      I believe that fellowshipping with other Christians we can find strength in our own faith and it keeps our faith true to its foundation. And what I mean is, through fellowship with others we talk about our beliefs and we are forced to look at what we believe and what the Bible says about a belief we hold. If the Bible supports it we are strengthened if not we are forced to look at what the Bible does say and rethink what we believe. It is very easy to stray from one simple truth and that is; “Bible and Bible only” lets never forget that.

  3. Rosi
    August 2, 2011

    I remember when we used to spend the sabbath day together and it was so nice. I love my church family and I love being with them (even those who love to keep me humble,lol) Fellowship is important. That is why God tells us, and I am using my own words, to not stay seperate but to come together and worship Him. It helps to when we have our Lord in common. We appreciate each other. I don’t know about other churches but our fellowship times are almost always around food too. That is not always a good thing when the food is good and fattening. Someday we shall be able to meet around the supper table and fellowship with our loved ones and with our Jesus.

    • bobh6
      August 3, 2011

      I also like the fellowshipping and the food, but most of all having the church there strengthens me and that is what I enjoy the most.

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