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A human being lives, but he is given life.

Proverbs 25

Proverbs 25

New King James Version (NKJV)


Further Wise Sayings of Solomon

These also are proverbs of Solomon

which the men of Hezekiah king of Judah copied:

2 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,

But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

3 As the heavens for height and the earth for depth,

So the heart of kings is unsearchable.

4 Take away the dross from silver,

And it will go to the silversmith for jewelry.

5 Take away the wicked from before the king,

And his throne will be established in righteousness.

6 Do not exalt yourself in the presence of the king,

And do not stand in the place of the great;

7 For it is better that he say to you,

“ Come up here,”

Than that you should be put lower in

the presence of the prince,

Whom your eyes have seen.

8 Do not go hastily to court;

For what will you do in the end,

When your neighbor has put you to shame?

9 Debate your case with your neighbor,

And do not disclose the secret to another;

10 Lest he who hears it expose your shame,

And your reputation be ruined.

11 A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold

In settings of silver.

12 Like an earring of gold and an ornament of fine gold

Is a wise rebuker to an obedient ear.

13 Like the cold of snow in time of harvest

Is a faithful messenger to those who send him,

For he refreshes the soul of his masters.

14 Whoever falsely boasts of giving

Is like clouds and wind without rain.

15 By long forbearance a ruler is persuaded,

And a gentle tongue breaks a bone.

16 Have you found honey?

Eat only as much as you need,

Lest you be filled with it and vomit.

17 Seldom set foot in your neighbor’s house,

Lest he become weary of you and hate you.

18 A man who bears false witness against his neighbor

Is like a club, a sword, and a sharp arrow.

19 Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble

Is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint.

20 Like one who takes away a garment in cold weather,

And like vinegar on soda,

Is one who sings songs to a heavy heart.

21 If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat;

And if he is thirsty, give him water to drink;

22 For so you will heap coals of fire on his head,

And the LORD will reward you.

23 The north wind brings forth rain,

And a backbiting tongue an angry countenance.

24 It is better to dwell in a corner of a housetop,

Than in a house shared with a contentious woman.

25 As cold water to a weary soul,

So is good news from a far country.

26 A righteous man who falters before the wicked

Is like a murky spring and a polluted well.

27 It is not good to eat much honey;

So to seek one’s own glory is not glory.

28 Whoever has no rule over his own spirit

Is like a city broken down, without walls.

My Thoughts:

  1. So let’s start with (vv. 9-8) we read “Debate your case with your neighbor, and do not disclose the secret to another; lest he who hears it expose your shame, and your reputation be ruined.”
    1. If we have an issue with someone we need to address it with that person but we are not to talk about that issue with others. I like what Matthew 18:15 says; “Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother.” If we take the issues out to others in the church we risk the chance of becoming a stumbling block for others.
  2. In (v. 18) we read “A man who bears false witness against his neighbor is like a club, a sword, and a sharp arrow.”
    1. All of these instruments cause destruction and death, so does baring false witness. The effects of barring false witness also cause destruction and yes sometimes death. And yes it is bad to bare false witness against a stranger when we do so against a neighbor it is ten times worse.
  3. Let’s finish with (v. 23) we read “The north wind brings forth rain, and a backbiting tongue an angry countenance”
    1.   I think Ellen White says it best in her book (Education p 237)In one moment, by the hasty, passionate, careless tongue, may be wrought evil that a whole lifetime’s repentance cannot undo. Oh, the hearts that are broken, the friends estranged, the lives wrecked, by the harsh, hasty words of those who might have brought help and healing!”

Thought of the Day

Researchers at Montana State University have challenged the idea that a high-sugar snack generates quick energy. They tested long-distance runners on stationary exercise bicycles and found that athletes who had a sugar-free drink before the workout were able to pedal twenty-five percent longer than those who had a sugar-laden drink. The study concluded that “athletes may be well-advised to abstain from sugar snacks before exercise.”

The Bible concurs that too many sweets can affect well-being. King Solomon used the illustration of eating too much honey to point up something more serious—the danger of overindulging in the sweet taste of self-glory. In Proverbs 25, the wise king gave two warnings about the danger of too much self-congratulations and boasting (Pr 25:14, 27). Looking for attention and bragging about our accomplish­ments might be sweet to the taste in the short run. But in the long run, bragging does to the personality what eating five pounds of chocolate-covered cherries does to the waistline.

Nothing makes us weaker than a constant diet of self-centeredness and pride. All our energy is used up on ourselves. How much better to deny ourselves the sweet taste of self-glory by exercising discipline and faith. That’s how we can become strong enough to meet the chal­lenges we face

Personal Reflection and Discussion

  1. What do you think (v. 14) is saying?
  2. What other things do you see in the text?

Prayer Activities

  1. Call your Partner and discuss this devotional.
  2. Continue to have a prayer list and continue to praying for them.
  3. Pray with them and ask for the following;
    1. For God to give us the understanding needed to serve him.
    2. For God to help us cleanse our hearts and be more like Him.
    3. For the individuals on your pray list.
  4. Let’s use (Ex. 20:8) for today’s prayer verse.

About bobh6

I am Seventh-day Adventist pastor in the Texas Panhandle

3 comments on “Proverbs 25

  1. Amalia Mullen
    October 22, 2011

    I wonder why other Israelite Kings didn’t add their wisdom? I think Hezekiah had gained wisdom through struggling and seeing God deliever then seeing how heavy our actions weigh on not just us but others. I praise God for the stuggles I’ve gone through because through our weaknesses or weakest moments we see God stand taller and stronger. I like what the wonderful guest pastor at Lubbock said today…”If God is big in us, than he sticks out of us and others could see Him more than us.” Glory to God! We must decrease and He increase. When we stuggle seeing ourself through a situation then see God bigger than the situation, we build faith and gain wisdom. Wisdom enough to trust God to handle anything big problem and that the world is not our paradise and not our home.

    • bobh6
      October 23, 2011

      That is a good question but I do not know the answer other than maybe they had their own books that were never found or maybe they felt that Solomon had covered everything that needed covering.

  2. Joseph Kapkiyai
    October 23, 2011

    We fail in life when we don’t let God be in-charge. When we see other problems are dismal and within our can of solving them, then that is how we fail. There is no small problem that we cannot take to God.

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