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Do we make a difference?

I wanted to Post something different today because I have not posted in some time and for that I am sorry. The truth is I have gotten so caught up in things going on in my life that I have forgotten like most people that I have a commission given to me by Christ, found in (Matthew 28:19) that says “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”. Now like I said, I have been very busy moving in to our new home in Texas and while that is important, I cannot forget that I have a job to do. I am not talking about the job given to me by man but the one given to all of us by Christ.

So I guess the question is, does this blog reach people in the way that it helps with that great commission? And if the answer is yes, then by not post and I going against what Christ has told me and each and every one of you to do? But if the answer is no then I am just posting to be posting and if so that is ok too?

So lets look at these question form both sides,  let’s start with the latter. If it makes no difference then why am I writing this blog?

1)   Let’s say that is does not make any difference and I am just writing, will that is ok, because when I write it makes me think about the topics I am writing about.

2)   Let’s not overlook the fact that when I think about Christ it helps bring me a little closer to Him.

3)   And lastly it just makes me happy writing and talking about Christ and the things that He has done for me.

 Now, let’s look at the other side of that question. If we are given this great commission and we do not live up to it, then what?

1)   For me my biggest fear is to stand before the Father with Christ standing right next to me and hear Him say that I cost someone his or her salvation. Now many people will say that I am taking this a little far. Well maybe, but maybe not.

2)   But I think the most important thing here is that, even though this blog may only be seen by 150 – 300 people per-week, it is still being read and what if something I write sparks that smallest of flames in someone’s heart? Then every thing I have done or will does would have been worth it.

There is a story I read once about the Judgment Day it goes something like this. As the people stand before the Father each has their chance to speak. Well the first man was a poet and he told the Father that he had written a poem for Him and as he read it all the host of the heavens wept.

Well the next man came up and he was a singer and he told the father that he had written a song for Him and as he sang it all the host of the heavens where amazed at how beautiful his voice was.

But then the next man came up and he was not a great poet or even a great singer, but when they opened the book of life and read “this man has won a soul for Christ” it is said that the entire heavenly host rejoiced.

Now like this last man I cannot sing, trust me, I turn on my mic only when I preach so no one can hear me sing. And I am no great poet, I must read everything I write over and over and I still have small mistakes and let not forget to thank the person that had the idea for spell check. But on that day when it is my turn to stand before the father I hope to hear “he won a soul for Christ”.

Well that is it, I only have one last thought for you today, and that is, if you write a religious blog, handout information to random people on the street or just tell people what you know about Jesus; know that what you are doing, does matter, even if it does not matter to anyone else, it matters to you and on that Day of Judgment you can hold your head up high and say I answered “yes, us me” to the call of great commission.


God Bless

Pastor Bob Harris

About bobh6

I am Seventh-day Adventist pastor in the Texas Panhandle

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